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Performance Carburetor Fuel Jet Set Exhaust Insulating Wrap JNM 415 Heavy Duty Chrome Chain
Exhaust Insulating Wrap
Our Price: $15.95
Jet pack for stock carburetor on Performance Carburetor (19mm/59mm). Stock jet is 0.78mm - this kit contains 6 jets that allow you to adjust your carb jetting to perform well with your other modifications!

Jet Size 0.68,0.70, 0.72, 0.74,0.82 and 0.84mm

Package includes
This kit contains 6 jets
The original Exhaust Insulating Wrap was developed over 12 years ago by Thermo-Tec. Exhaust Insulating Wrap is an innovative way to create more horsepower and reduce temperatures on the engine surroundings. High-temperature insulating pipe wrap. Reduces the likelihood of burns. Works on any pipe.

Wrap withstands continuous heat up to 2000°F, and contains no asbestos.
Available in Black

Package includes
Wrap is 1" wide and 15 feet long.
JNM 415 Heavy Duty Chrome Roller Chain works great on 50cc to 90cc street and off road motor bicycle application.

The CLIP style  master links is included. It will fit your normal sprocket making your ride smoother and safer.
1/2" x 3/16"

Package includes
Contains one unit per box(96 links)
JNM CC X-Port TTO Tach-Hour Meter JNM NOS Kit
Our Price: $24.95
TTO Tach-Hour Meter
Our Price: $39.95
Our Price: $44.95
The Large JNM CC X-Port is a billet exhaust manifold that will increase your low end torque on any type of exhaust you may have on your motor. You will get the "header" effect when adding it to your stock muffler. Increases torque and low end power will be noticed.
The X-Port will move your current exhaust out further than it is now, allowing to have more clearance on your pedals.

100% aircraft aluminum

Made in the USA

Package includes
2 gaskets
2 bolts and washers
1 CC X-Port
The total number of hours an engine has been running is critical information for maintenance and upkeep. Attach this to your engine to keep track of engine running hours for upcoming service requirements. This unit tracks and records total running-hours (non-resettable) on the engine in an easy-to-read digital format. It also measures engine RPM and records maximum rpm.

TTO is the smallest available meter at 50x25x14mm and has large, easy
to read digits.
Works on all gas engines (including newer fuel injected four cycle engines)
Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable
99,999 Hour Digital Display
Spinning-arrow activity icon
Peel-n-Stick or Bolt-on

Package Includes
1TTO Hour Meter
Our kits are designed to mount directly to your handle bars so that you never have to remove your hands from the grips as you trigger the nitrous. You can rotate your handle bars completely from one side to the next.  All our kits come with high quality brass fittings, custom made Velcro strap and over sized 1/4 ID Hose. The NOS Dispenser is secured with the VELCRO STRAP. This allows you to easily refill your nitrous chargers as needed. The nitrous hose mounts directly into your intake system thru the air box, air filter, intake manifold or thru the rear of your boost bottle with the fittings supplied. If you do decide to mount your nitrous kit to the manifold we offer pre-drilled intakes here in our store.

composed dispenser,16oz nitrous oxide bottles

Package includes
NOS Dispenser with safety lock, 6 zip ties, 6 ft of Hose, Velcro strap,
2 Fittings, lock nut, 1 boost sticker and completed instructions.
5 Nos Bottle
Performance Carburetor + Filter Upgrade (19mm/59mm) TTO Vapor Guage
Performance Carburetor + Filter Upgrade (19mm/59mm)
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
Save $10.00!
TTO Vapor Guage
Our Price: $139.95
Sale Price: $129.95
Save $10.00!
This kit includes Carburetor used in the JNMotors Apito performance bicycle and performance Air filter.  The big advantage of the new JNM Carburetor doesn't need any adjusting; you just slap it on, and fire the engine up. Increases acceleration and top speed substantially. It has an automatic choke realize system.

78mm Jet Carburetor
59mm diameter connecting filter
Semi-automatic strangler starting system

Package includes
Carburetor upgrade, Includes high-performance carburetor and high-performance air filter.

Please Select Color of Air Filter!!
The Vapor speedometer main feature is a large, well lit RPM tachometer graph. Vapor is useful as a motorcycle, motorized bicycle speedometer and side by side utility vehicle or ATV speedometer (or any machine with a wheels.) Vapor's large digital tachometer bar graph is easy to read. The digital gauge has many other useful features like time keeping, engine temperature, resettable distance, and odometer. Vapor's tachometer shift lights and temperature lights are great to warn about potential mechanical problems while there is still time to react. The built in stop watch and hour meter is perfect for race training. The adjustable distance setting can be used on those tough endurance courses.

Vapor is enough to replace an entire instrument cluster on your dashboard. Speed, time, distance and tach - Vapor has it covered. If indicator lights are required for dual-sport and super-moto road ready bikes, Vapor is available with a stylish indicator dashboard accessory.
A combined effort from experts in software, electronics, and mechanical design – each feature of this 4th generation product is carefully crafted and constructed with the off-road enthusiast in mind

       Current Speed
       Maximum Speed
       Selectable MPH/KMH Display
       Real-Time RPM Bar Graph
       Numeric RPM Readout
       Dual Programmable Shift Lights
       Up to 20,000 RPM
       Ambient Temperature
       Engine Temperature
       Dual Programmable Temp Lights
       Exact Model Fit Temperature Sensors
       Selectable °F/°C Display
       Adjustable Distance
       Permanent Odometer
       Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display

       Hour Meter
       Stop Watch
       Ride Time
       Accumulated Ride Time
       permanent Hour Meter
       Selectable 12/24 Hour Display
   Power Input :
       Includes Power Connection Fits All Machines
       Accepts Any Power Input - AC/DC
       Auto Switch to Internal Power if External is Removed
       Permanent Memory Guarantees Data is Never Lost
   Value Added :
       Custom Designed for Exact Model Fit
       All Parts Included to Complete Installation
       One Year Warranty
       Unlimited Free Trail Tech Phone and Email Support
       Waterproof Connections Included
       Bright White Backlit LCD Display
       Accessory Dashboards for Most Applications

Package Includes
1 TTO Vapor Gauge kIt