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Welcome to the JNMotors Bikes Online Store JNMotors Bikes provides an extensive catalog of add on parts and accessories for your motor bicycle. We carry a unique and complete catalog of parts that will allow you to improve or tune up your ride. Each section includes a selective inventory of all available parts for your special build. Here at JNMotors Bikes, we are very pleased that you have visited our website and contacting us. We make every effort to provide all of our valued customers with our top-quality customer service.

At JNMotors Bikes we are quite use to questioning the abnormal. We strive to challenge engineering principles by introducing daring and innovative designs and technologies for the benefit of our customers and having in mind a more positive impact on the environment. Alternative-energy projects used to be the matter of high-school science fairs. But pricey oil has pushed some of us to exceed normal limits and changed the game. The story of JNMotors shows that new technologies are coming up and cutting back on polluting the environment.


During our work here at JNMotors Bikes, We have found that many environmental changes tend to follow the trends of politics. So, sometimes it feels like it’s hard for citizens to make big impacts on the environment. However, while the failures and challenges of environmental work are often present, we have taken away some important lessons from our different experiences and have gathered this knowledge. We have learned the importance of environmental education, and of small scale community-based conservation projects to protect the environment. We feel that this is really where we as individuals can have the biggest impact on the environment, through small projects at home and within our communities.

Reduce Carbon Footprint by having a transportation that allows you to change from one source of power to another. Motorized Bicycles or Mopeds and electric bicycles are a simple form of hybrid transportation, as power is delivered both via an internal combustion engine or electric motor and the rider's own applied force. These are designed to provide economical and relatively safe transportation with minimal licensing requirements and having a positive impact on fuel efficiency.