Shipping Discounts
Shipping Discounts Simply look for the logo to enjoy free shipping on selected items throughout the store. If the items in your order which qualify for 'Free Shipping' total $150 or more, your order ships FREE!(only within US)


Shipping Costs are based on a variety of factors including:

Recipient's Location

As a general rule, the further you are from our location in Washington, or the more rural your location, the higher the cost

Type of Shipping Service Used

Small orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and include insurance and tracking costs

Larger orders that do not meet postal size or weight requirements are shipped via an air freight carrier. These type of carriers are much less costly than the larger, top tier carriers such as Fedex, DHL or UPS

Expedited orders are shipped via Fedex, DHL or UPS at our discretion, unless you have an account with a carrier and we are using your account to ship under

Whether we are shipping direct to your door or a local freight facility

Some air freight shippers will only ship direct to business addresses. If you are requesting us to ship to your residence, we might have to use a more expensive method of shipping such as Fedex, DHL or UPS.

Speed of Shipping or Time in Transit

On average, both air freight providers and the postal service take between 6-10 business days in transit.

Expedited services are available for additional fees, but be aware they are very expensive!

Size and Weight of the Item(s) Being Shipped

Various shippers have limits on the size, weight and location's they accept. As such, our shipping experts will select the appropriate shipper for your specific situation.

Tracking and Insurance Costs

All orders ship with tracking and insurance costs included in the fees quoted. While we frown on shipping items without insurance, we will do so at your request, but be advised that we are then no longer responsible for an item once it leaves our warehouse, so if it is lost or damaged, it is your loss. In reality, insurance costs are so nominal, it is hard to understand why anyone would make this request, but you would be surprised how many people do!